About Foundation

About Foundation

"Woman Health & Family Planning" Charity Foundation / WHFP is a non-government organization consistently and actively working for 20 years in the field of reproductive health strengthening and protection of reproductive rights of Ukrainian people, effectively conducting preventive work, implementing public information campaigns, advocacy events, researches, as well as trainings for medical professionals.

Besides, WHFP is a member of International Planned Parenthood Federation / IPPF, European Breast Cancer Coalition / EUROPA DONNA, Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health / ASTRA.


Ukrainian society endorses equal rights and non-discrimination; every person is aware of their responsibility for own reproductive and sexual health, and every child is born wanted and healthy. Health care system is efficient, transparent and accountable, providing high-quality, safe and affordable SRHR services.


We work for protection of sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ukraine through advocacy, information, education, and development of activists’ and volunteers’ network.



Foundation’s Goals

  • Goal 1

    Sexual and reproductive health and rights are among the priorities of state policy on national and local levels in 2016-2021, which is stipulated in respective legal acts.
  • Goal 2

    Civil society organizations influence state health SRHR policy and service provision by providing monitoring and public control of its execution on national and local levels in agreement with government and local authorities.
  • Goal 3

    Target groups (adolescents and their parents, youth, women and men of reproductive age, medical workers, and educators) are reached with positive SRHR messages and education.
    Population of Ukraine is aware of and follow the model of responsible behavior to strengthen and protect their sexual and reproductive health.
  • Goal 4

    Woman Health and Family Planning is a leading, highly professional, efficient and sustainable organization, which constantly develops its capacities.
  • Main Spheres of Activities

    Independent Expertise & Strategic Development in RH/FP area
  • Education programs on sexual education and healthy life style for

    Youth / Adolescents,
  • Rehabilitation Programs for Breast Cancer Survivors

  • Information & Consulting Services and Support of:

    All-Ukrainian Information Telephone Line on Reproductive Health & Family Planning 0-800-50-27-57
    Information Line "Together against Breast Cancer" 0800 50 50 90
  • Public Awareness & Information Campaigns on the Prevention of Reproductive Health & Rights of Patients and People With Disabilities

  • Trainings for Medical Professionals

    Education Programs for Medical Professionals (gynecologists, oncologists, radiologists)
  • Public Awareness Campaigns on Cancer Prevention Among Women:

    Breast Cancer
    Cervical Cancer
  • Organizing of Information and Fund Raising Campaigns Aimed at Purchasing of Modern Diagnostic Equipment for Cancer Early Screening

  • Promotion of Public Discussion on the Protection of Reproductive Health & Reproductive Rights Through Organizing Conferences, Round Tables, Forums, Expert Meetings, etc.

  • Support of NGO & Volunteers Networks in Ukraine

  • Small Grant Programs.