Final conference on the WHO project

On June 29-30, in Kyiv, WHFP Charity Foundation will hold an annual conference on implementation results of the educational component of the WHO project "Non-communicable diseases: Prevention and Health Promotion in Ukraine". During the conference it’s planned to sum up and present key findings and developments of the WHO project's educational component " NCD Prevention Among Pupils", aimed at the development and implementation of the comprehensive and effective program for health promotion at schools and being tested at selected pilot institutions of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnitsya, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv oblasts and Kyiv. WHO project is designed to reduce the contribution of non-communicable diseases to the structure of morbidity, mortality and life expectancy of Ukrainian population.


WHFP in partnership with Coalition NGO will held training on public monitors’ preparation

On May 23-24 WHFP in cooperation with Coalition NGO will conduct training on the preparation of public monitors RE compliance with sexual and reproductive rights of people with mental disabilities. Event will be organized within the joint project under the Renaissance Foundation support. Both specialists of profile institutions and their clients from Lutsk, Mukachevo, Chernihiv, Khmelnytsky, Mariupol, Kyiv, Shostka, Drohobych, Zhytomyr, Kolomya, Boryspil, Vinnitsa, Zhovti Vody, Varash city of Rivne oblast and Broska village of Odessa oblasts will become training’s participants.


Thematic Information & Advocacy Campaign Devoted to Annual Family Planning Week – 2017

This year traditional Reproductive Health and Family Planning Week will take place in Ukraine in the period of May 9 -15.

On WHFP initiative and under its support members of the All-Ukrainian Coalition on Reproductive Health and Family Planning, representing 40 NGOs from 20 Ukrainian regions, will conduct a wave of awareness-raising activities to support Ukrainian week of family planning and reproductive health in the form of numerous thematic activities for different target groups in Kyiv and oblasts, cities, towns and villages of Ukraine. The detailed information about regional events please find in the next issue of RH Bulletin, which is under the development and will be distributed electronically early June 2017. You can also find it at WHFP web-site in its Section “Media Center” – “Information Bulletins”.


Advocacy Manual – New Publication Prepared by WHFP Experts

WHFP experts have developed new publication – “Reproductive Health & Family Planning: Advocacy Guide”. Manual contains practical tips and examples of advocacy campaigns, methods and tools for effective work with target audiences, principles of effective media communications, samples of information materials. The publication sums up the experience of the USAID Project "Reproductive Health in Ukraine", being implemented by the Foundation for 3.5 years and successfully completed at the end of March 2017, as well as the experience of the All-Ukrainian Coalition on Reproductive Health and Family Planning in mobilization of civil society, Ukrainian authorities, international and national expert organizations. Manual is prepared based on the materials of the International Planned Parenthood Federation / IPPF, which is represented by WHFP in Ukraine since 2007. Publication is available at WHFP website


WHFP starts implementation of the 3-rd phase of the UNFPA-funded project

Within the 3rd phase of the UNFPA-funded Project, WHFP continues activities in response to acute humanitarian needs affected by armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, prevention of the gender-based violence and providing access of the most vulnerable women and adolescent girls to reproductive health services. During this project phase WHFP experts will conduct consultations to health service providers of the Emergency SRH Aid Units, opened during Project Phase 2 for women and adolescent girls – victims of physical and sexual violence in eastern Ukraine.

It’s also planned to publish and distribute the series of educational brochures among medical specialists, i.p.:

  1. Family Planning & Medical Care in Case of Unwanted Pregnancy
  2. Assistance in case of violence
  3. Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDs

Final Conference of the USAID «Reproductive Health in Ukraine” Project will be held in Kyiv

On March 16, 2017 WHFP Charity Foundation will organize the final conference of the USAID "Reproductive Health in Ukraine" Project. The purpose of the event is to summarize and present Project developments and results in its two main areas:

  • improvement of national policy environment so it becomes more favorable to FP/RH and gender sensitive; and
  • increasing the civil society competence and involvement in FP/RH programs implementation in accordance with international standards as well as support of the All-Ukrainian Coalition on Reproductive Health & Family Planning to promote and advocate for important RH / FP issues.