Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – 2017!

Dear friends, From all our hearts we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - 2017!   We sincerely wish you great plans and their accomplishments, strong health and true love, happiness and incredible desired dreams, true friends and happy holidays with people dear to your heart. Let all the failures and losses will become only the tiny mote of the past, let the New year will bring you wealth and prosperity, while the good luck and fortune will last for the whole year. With very best wishes, Galyna Maistruk and the team of the "Woman Health and Family Planning" Charity Foundation

How to write about reproductive health and family planning so that your newspaper and website are read?

On December 19-20, 2016 Kyiv hosted an educational seminar for representatives of regional and national media on "How to professionally cover reproductive health and family planning so that your site and newspaper are read and the TV programs – are watched!” Event was held by WHFP as part of the USAID «Reproductive Health in Ukraine" Project implementation.

Over 30 journalists from Kyiv and Ukrainian regions, covering issues of public health, reproductive health, reproductive rights and family planning in regional and national media participated in the workshop. During seminar, journalists had a unique opportunity to interact with leading national RH / FP experts and get "first hand" information on the priorities and pressing issues of reproductive health and family planning, the status of legal regulation of this area and urgent need for approval of the new State program "Reproductive health of the nation" for the period of 2017-2021, its major trends and challenges which is essential, particularly for regions, especially under decentralization.

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VR Health Committee held in October open public hearings on State Program “Reproductive Health of the Nation”

On October 19, 2016 Verkhovna Rada Health Committee held public open hearings devoted to the Status of  Implementation of the State Program "Reproductive Health of the Nation "until 2015 and steps taken by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to ensure reproductive health of Ukrainian People for the next 5 years". Event initiated by WHFP Foundation was organized as part of SPECSI Project objectives implementation and advocacy campaign in support of the prompt approval of the Concept of the new State program "Reproductive health of the nation" for the period of 2017-2021 years by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


Seminars by “7 Steps Forward” Program were conducted in Poltava in Vinnytsia regions

On October 31 methodological seminar by "7 steps Forward" Program was held in Poltava. Event was organized by the eWHFP experts in cooperation with Poltava Oblast Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education n.a. Ostrogradskii / POIPPO under the support of UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education and Regional UNESCO Program on HIV prevention and education in health sphere.

The workshop being attended by 27 people – teachers of Health Basics and biology courses of Poltava schools, local centers and villages of the region – was conducted by Irina Kozak, methodologist on biology and health basics of POIPPO Department of natural and mathematical sciences.


2 Working Group meetings to finalize the Concept and the draft of the new SPRHN were held in November

Two expert group meetings as part of the USAID «Reproductive Health in Ukraine" Project implementation to develop the Concept and the draft of the new State Program "Reproductive Health of the Nation" until 2021 were held on November 2 and 14, 2016. Meetings were dedicated to finalizing of these two important documents as well as revising the list of tasks and activities within the Program necessary for its further financial calculation.

In particular, members of working group meetings had to:

  • agree activities by major program areas for their further calculation;
  • discuss and finally agree Program key indicators for the period until 2021;
  • discuss details of Program management;
  • discuss joint action plan to further advocate new Program prompt approval.

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