Current Projects

Strengthening Policy Environment and Civil Society Involvement in Family Planning or
Reproductive Health in Ukraine Project (short title) / SPECSI in FP/RH

Under the support of the US Agency for International Development / USAID

Implementation Period: September 2013 – March 2017

WHFP Charity Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has been successfully implementing Reproductive Health in Ukraine Project since September 2013.

The purpose of this 3,5-years project is to strengthen and sustain existing family planning and reproductive health sector (FP/RH) programs and increase the civil society competence and involvement in the FP/RH programs implementation in accordance with international standards.

To achieve the purpose, WHFP Foundation has been conducting activities in support of two main objectives:

Objective 1: Improve national policy environment so it is more favorable to FP/RH and gender-sensitive

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine join the efforts of leading Ukrainian specialist and experts of international organizations for in-depth analysis of the previous FP/RHprograms and their respective results at the national and local level in Ukraine. To provide technical and expert support to the MOH for development of the gender-sensitive State Program "Reproductive Health of the Nation until 2016-2021."

Objective 2: Create an on-going country’s forum to promote the importance of FP/RH in collaboration with
other stakeholders.

Project supports the creation of the on-going country’s forum to promote the importance of FP/RH in collaboration with leading Ukrainian experts, NGO representatives and other stakeholders interested to support not only medical, buteducation and preventive components of FP/RH. Forum should serve as a mentoring platform for various NGOs willing to support and promote FP/RHwithin their communities.

«Ensuring access to comprehensive information on SRHR to adolescents via proved and innovative outreach approaches application and advocacy on sexuality education in Ukraine» Project

Under the support of the International Planned Parenthood Federation / IPPF

Implementation Period: since 2007 – up to now

The project has been successfully implemented by WHFP since 2007 and aims to promote the fact that Ukrainian teenagers and young people should make informed choice about their lifestyles and avoid risky situations due to the possession of the knowledge and skills.

Project objectives

1. To improve adolescents’ knowledge on SRHR through peer education network scaling up and innovative outreach approaches application
2. To increase access to comprehensive information on SRHR and sexuality education for adolescents and their parents by strengthening cooperation with partner organizations in new Ukrainian regions previously not covered by the project
3. To implement advocacy strategy aimed at creating the favorable environment for the implementation of sexuality education programs in Ukraine in accordance with European standards
4. To raise youth involvement in planning, design and implementation for ensuring maximum project’s relevance to the needs of Ukrainian adolescents

Non-Communicable diseases: prevention and strengthening health In Ukraine


The educational component of the Non-Communicable Diseases: Prevention and Health Promotion Project in Ukraine is being implemented in partnership by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Charity Fund "Women's Health family planning"with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Geography of the project

The project works at the national level and in 7 pilot oblasts: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv.
Project development has been tested at 21 pilot educational institutions in oblast centers, small towns and in united communities.

Tasks of the educational component of the project

The project supports the reform of educational institutions and makes efforts to make the New Ukrainian school healthy. Project objectives: to develop, test and implement in the pilot institutions an effective system of health promotion and school-friendly environment with the participation of teachers, medical staff, students, parents and community representatives.

New Ukrainian School: Health Space

The concept of the preservation and strengthening of health at the institutions of general secondary education "New Ukrainian School: Health Space" has been developed as part of the educational component of the project by Ukrainian and international experts and takes into account the recommendations of WHO, UNICEF, "Child Friendly Schools", "Safe schools "and the experience of a multi-year experiment on the establishment of a network of schools for health promotion in Ukraine. The concept corresponds to the key principles of the FRESH framework concept. It also takes into account the general school-based approach recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for cross-sectoral collaboration of educators, health workers, children, parents and the community to create a healthy environment in educational institutions.

Model of healthy school

The proposed model corresponds to the key components of the strategy NEW UKRAINIAN SCHOOL: childhood centering, modern educational environment, through education process, partnership and autonomy of educational institutions.
Proposed model depicts the educational institution as a central and integral part of the community and notes the relationship between education and health. The combination of eight components of the model helps to make health a priority and create a healthy learning environment. The focus is on healthy eating, physical activity, and the prevention of tobacco and alcohol use. This is precisely the direction that allows you to reduce the main risks of developing chronic diseases.
The presented model takes into account the organizational and human resources available in most educational institutions of Ukraine and helps the institution team to develop a holistic approach to the health of all participants in the educational process.

School health index

How healthy is the educational establishment? Does it fit the HEALTH SCHOOL MODELS?
By what criteria can it be assessed and how to improve its institution?

SCHOOL HEALTH INDEX - A detailed tool and manual for self-assessment of a general education institution that helps to make a comprehensive assessment of the eight components of the SCHOOL HEALTH MODEL, and to develop and implement measures to improve the health of students and teachers. The tool covers cross-cutting topics related to disease prevention:
- physical activity
- food
- tobacco and alcohol
- respiratory disorders
- safety
- reproductive and Sexual Health

The tool was tested during a baseline assessment in 22 pilot educational institutions. As a result of the assessment, with the help of SHI, 22 educational institutions have made plans for improvement that have helped create a healthy environment in an educational institution, using existing human and material resources.
The re-evaluation of the methodology HEALTH SCHOOL ISSUE will take place in pilot schools in March 2019.

Medical service for education

School medicine contributes significantly to the health of children and adolescents. A health care worker at an educational institution helps to create an environment that promotes health, conducts prevention work to preserve physical, mental, reproductive health, and provides emergency medical care. The school medical service should provide appropriate support to children with special educational needs, provide support for children with chronic diseases and children from groups of medical and social risk.

To strengthen the medical service of the educational institution within the framework of the project for medical staff of institutions of general secondary education:

- Based on the European concept of quality standards for school health services and competences for school health professionals, adapted competences for healthcare professionals and standards for medical services in educational institutions.
- A training and a training manual "Strengthening health and prevention of non-infectious diseases in educational establishments. A Manual for Medical Workers»have been developed.
- Training and guidance on the basis of 22 pilot educational establishments and on the basis of the Lviv Medical College of Postgraduate Education was approved.
- A theme improvement program "Health Promotion and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases in Secondary Education" has been developed for paramedics, nurses of schools, boarding schools, schools, vocational schools.

Підготовка команди закладу освіти

The training program and the manual "Health Promotion and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases in General Secondary Education" have been developed for the teams of the institution's staff to enhance their interaction in order to create a healthy educational space and collaborate to preserve students' health.

The training program and manual reflect the components of the HEALTH MODEL, and contain information on the use of the SCHOOL HEALTH INDEX tool. Trainings were held for representatives of 22 teams of pilot institutions.

Information materials

A set of information and educational materials for teens and parents has been developed, as well as a series of large-format posters with key messages on prevention of risk factors for non-communicable diseases for placement in educational institutions.


Learn more about the project

More information on the activities of the educational component of the project can be found on the Charitable Foundation's Facebook page "Charity Foundation" Women's Health and Family Planning" on
About examples and changes that have taken place in educational institutions can be found on the Facebook community's "School - Health Space" page

Organization of rehabilitation programs for women who have overcome breast cancer

With the support from Mary Kay

Woman Health and Family Planning Charity Foundation under financial support «MARY KAY Ukraine» Company is implementing Comprehensive rehabilitation program for women after complex BC treatment.

The programme is being carried out at:
1. "Medical Tradition" Kyiv Medical Centre;
2. "Truskavets" Health Resort in Lviv oblast.
Health Resort Program phase is aimed at rehabilitation of women who survived breast cancer. Rehabilitation program includes a number of medical procedures designed to help in coping with complications, restoring the body's defenses and overcoming psychological problems after complex BC treatment. More than 650 women have already undergone full rehabilitation process free of charge.

Organizing of Information and Fund Raising Campaigns Aimed at Purchasing of Modern Diagnostic Equipment for Cancer Early Screening

Under the support of Avon Cosmetics Ukraine

For 15 years, WHFP in partnership with "Avon Cosmetics Ukraine" Company consistently and effectively has been implementing "Together Against Breast Cancer" Charity Program aimed to promote awareness among women about the importance of regular breast examinations and to support the development of the quality medical examination system.

Fundraising is conducted throughout the year through the sale of "Pink Ribbon" products in Avon catalogs and charity events. As part of "Together Against Breast Cancer" Charity Program, Regional and Oblast Oncology Centres in Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Mykolayiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Uzhhorod, Kyiv and Crimea were provided with modern diagnostic equipment (9 stationary mammography units, 2 mobile mammography complexes, ultrasound machine of expert class, 4 digitizers converting X-ray mammography images into digital ones (digitizers CR-85 and CR-35).
With the help of educational programs, numerous media projects, information materials for the population about the problem of breast cancer, the free "hotline" 0-800-50-50-90 managed to raise the public's awareness about the problem of breast cancer and motivate women to contact specialists, including radiologists, for the purpose of early diagnostics.
Since 2010, the priority direction of the charitable program is the training of specialists working in the field of X-ray diagnostics and mammography.