Implemented Projects

Comprehensive Care for Unwanted Pregnancy Project / CCUP Project

Unser the support of Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation

Implementation Period: August 2009 – October 2014

CCUP Project has been implemented in Ukraine since 2009 in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine/MOH, the World Health Organization/WHO, and the Woman Health & Family Planning Charity Foundation. Project was implemented in 2 phases: since 2009 – in Vinnytsia oblast, Donetsk oblast and Kyiv city; and since 2011 – in Odesa and Poltava oblasts.

Project was aimed at reducing the rate of maternal mortality and morbidity, in particular that one connected with pregnancy termination and achieving in Ukraine by the year 2015 the 5th Goal of “The Millenium Development Goals”, i.e. improving maternal health.

The main project objectives were developed pursuant to the priority areas of the state policy of Ukraine for reproductive health provided by the State Program “Reproductive Health of the Nation” until the year 2015, in particular, reinforcing prevention of unwanted pregnancy and decreasing the number of abortions and post-abortion complications.

The project aims at:
- Improve the regulatory base according to the principles of evidence-based health care and WHO recommendations
- Improve the system of training of professionals who provide family planning services and medical aid during unwanted pregnancy
- Improve access to modern methods of contraception and health care during unwanted pregnancy
- develop the system of registration, monitoring and quality control of health care services during unwanted pregnancy
- inform target groups about family planning, modern methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Strengthening Humanitarian Response to the Need of Most Vulnerable Women and Female Adolescents Affected by Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine Through Multi-Sectorial Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence and Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Services

Unser the support of United Nations Population Fund / UNFPA

Implementation Period: September 2015 – March 2016

The Project, that has been successfully implemented by WHFP in the second half of 2015 in very condensed terms, was addressing humanitarian needs of most vulnerable woman and female adolescents affected by armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine through strengthening of the multi-sectorial coordination, protection and prevention systems and enhancing access to legal, health and social-psychological care services for survivors of gender-based violence.

Project Objectives:
1. Addressing immediate needs of GBV survivors through coordination,assessment of GBV prevalence, advocacy and multi-sectorial referral mechanism at the regional level
2. Strengthening capacity of local service providers (legal protection, sociopsychological support, health care) to respond to GBV and implement community-level prevention program

Project worked with medical service providers from such pilot regions as Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovs’k, Zaporizhzhya and Poltava.

Rising the Standards of Sexual Education in Ukraine Project

Unser the support of Flemish Government / SENSOA (Flemish consultation center for sexual health and HIV/ AIDS)

Implementation Period: January 2010 – December 2012

The project was aimed at reduction of HIV infection rate and other problems of sexual health, namely, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in Ukraine through improvement of the quality of sexual education at schools and searching for new methods. The project was implemented at two levels: practical and conceptual. Main target audiences of the Project were teachers and parents.

Implementation of the complex rehabilitation program of women who survived breast cancer

Under the support of Mary Kay Co.

The program of health resort treatment and rehabilitation of women who have survived breast cancer is aimed to prevent relapse, secure sustained remission, and increase the adaptive reserves of the body. In October 2017, 24 women underwent a full course of rehabilitation in the “Truskavets” Health Resourt in Truskavets, Lviv oblast, free of charge.

Organization and provision of "Health School” educational program in the format of monthly meetings of women – BC survivors with leading oncosurgeons, nutritionists, immunologists, psychologists, chemotherapists, gynecologists, rehabilitation and other experts, requested by the women.

Prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Under the support of Avon Cosmetics Ukraine

Since 1996 WHFP is actively and consistently conducts information and education activities aimed at preventing cancer in women, supporting early diagnosis programs and establishing a national breast cancer screening system. The main partner of the WHFP in this activity is the company “AVON Cosmetics Ukraine”.

Thus, the results of the activities of the WHFP in this direction are:
Implementation of the Annual All-Ukrainian Public Awareness Campaign "Pink October" and the thematic information fair in the Ukrainian parliament.

In 2001, the WHFP in partnership with other organizations in Ukraine initiated the Annual Nationwide Information Campaign "October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month". The goal of the campaign is to inform the Ukrainian women and men about breast cancer risk, the need for prevention and mandatory screening programs, to advocate for reproductive rights of women, in particular, to ensure quality early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. October 6, 2013, WHFP in cooperation with Inter-Fractional Deputy Association "Equal Opportunity" has initiated the traditional awareness-raising campaign "Pink October as an International Breast Cancer Awareness Month" aimed to draw attention and raise awareness of MPs and members of the Ukrainian government about a very pressing issue of breast cancer as well as to appeal to them on the need of state support to comprehensive solution of the problem related to BC prevention. MPs, members of the Ukrainian government, the staff of the Verkhovna Rada's apparatus, and journalists received information materials and got acquainted with thematic banners.
Education program "School of Modern Mammography" for specialists - radiologists and oncologists
This is a partnership project of the company AVON and the Charitable Foundation "Woman Health and Family Planning" within the framework of the social program "Together against breast cancer". The purpose of the project is to improve the skills of Ukrainian specialists - mammologists, radiologists and radiologists in the field of BC diagnostics. In June 2016, as part of the 5th School of modern mammography, almost 50 specialists from 17 cities were trained in accordance with modern European training programs. This training program was held in Lviv with the participation of leading specialists from the University of Leuven (Belgium), the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Diagnostics of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Kyiv City Clinical Cancer Center, and the Kherson Oncology Dispensary.
A national mini-grants competition for state oncological institutions was held on the implementation of programs for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
Thanks to financial support, five state oncological institutions in Kherson, Lviv, Sumy, Cherkassy and Chernihiv oblasts of Ukraine will be able to purchase the necessary materials for the early diagnosis of breast cancer using mammography.
Administration of the Information Hotline "Together Against Breast Cancer" 0 800 50 50 90