Main Spheres of Activities

Expertise & Strategic Development

Independent Expertise & Strategic Development in RH/FP area

WHFP Foundation experts are actively involved in the legislation improvement process and development of the legal framework in the field of reproductive health and family planning in Ukraine in accordance with key international documents, i.e. Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals 2030, recommendations of the World Health Organization / WHO and European Regional Strategy on Reproductive Health.

In particular, in 2014 Foundation experts initiated and took active part in the independent assessment of the State Program "Reproductive Health of the Nation" for the period up to 2015, as well as assisted with the preparation of the Concept of the new State Program "Reproductive Health of the Nation" for the 2017-2021 period.

In 2010, experts of the Foundation actively participated in the development and implementation of an integrated approach to medical treatment in cases of unwanted pregnancy in Ukraine in line with the WHO recommendations, drawing up the appropriate Clinical Protocol, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
Besides, Foundation experts are active members of Working Groups and Public Councils under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Training for Medical Professionals

Education Programs for Medical Professionals (gynecologists, oncologists, radiologists)

WHFP experts developed unique methodologies of training programs for medical staff (obstetricians, radiologists, family doctors), teachers, social workers, civil society leaders, volunteers, youth, adolescents, their parents, etc. One of the most dynamic activity direction of the Foundation is training of medical staff in Kiev and Ukrainian regions and implementation of certified training programs developed for certain categories of doctors based on European experience and in line with international standards, i.e.

For obstetricians, family doctors and nurses

-Training Program "Improving skills of medical specialists in providing RH services in emergency situations";
- Training Program "Basic principles of syndromic approach to STI treatment among vulnerable to STI/HIV population groups with implementation of the new WHO/UNFPA/UNAIDS guide "Implementation of comprehensive programs targeting HIV/STI among sex workers: practical approach within joint activities";
- Training Program on RH/FP issues "Comprehensive care for unwanted pregnancy."

For specialists - radiologists and oncologists

- Education program "School of Modern Mammography" aimed to improve skills of Ukrainian radiologists in X-ray diagnostics of breast diseases.
Within 5 years, more than 1,600 Ukrainian doctors passed trainings by certified programs developed by WHFP experts.
For details on training programs go to websitesection "Resources of the Foundation" - Training.

Education programs on sexual education and healthy life style for:

Youth / Adolescents

For over 10 years, the Foundation has been working on development and implementation of sexual education programs for adolescents and youth. Target group includes both students of secondary schools and students of specialized educational institutions.
In particular, to raise awareness among adolescents and youth RE sexual and reproductive health and rights, WHFP provides following activities:

- training programs for teens to prepare volunteers on a peer-to-peer principle;
- thematic education sessions for teens on particular RH/FP issues organized at schools and through partner organizations;
- training for trainers (for experienced peer volunteers);
- RH/FP-related modules in summer camps;
- teens’ social theater and show performances on the peer principle;
- street actions and flash mobs;
- interregional contests;
- production and distribution of information materials;
- web site support;
- round tables for representatives - participants of educational process on sexual and reproductive health issues: doctors, teachers, psychologists, NGOs, parents and teens.


Aimed to attract parents’ attention to the importance of sexual education for children, raise their competence in RH issues as well as unite parent community to support sexual education programs within school curriculum, WHFP Foundation experts has developed a series of publications, as well as the Program for Parents "7 Steps Towards the Child". Friendly meetings with parents on health care and sexual education of children and adolescents.
Work with parents under the "7 Steps towards the Child" Program includes a series of school-based informal group meetings - Steps. The Program can be implemented by class teachers, school psychologists, social educators and social workers, NGO staff and volunteers, trained as experts in the Program implementation.
"7 Steps Towards the Child" Program successfully passed expertise and was approved by Scientific and Methodological Council on Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for its further use in secondary schools.
WHFP experts also developed and provide support to Internet Portal .
What you should know about reproductive health:
- for women and men of reproductive age
- for youth and their parents
- for medical specialists
For more details please visit website section "Our Resources" - Trainings.

Public Awareness Campaigns on Cancer Prevention Among Women

Since its creation in 1996, WHFP pays much attention to prevention and early diagnosis of reproductive system cancer of Ukraine's population, in particular breast cancer/BC and cervical cancer/CC, and since 1999 WHFP is the full representative of the European Coalition against Breast Cancer / EUROPA DONNA in Ukraine. WHFP provides its activities in this area in line with international standards and EUROPA DONNA principles.
For more than 15 years, the Annual Nationwide Information Campaign "October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month" has been held in Ukraine at the initiative of the WHFP Foundation. It’s aimed to inform the Ukrainian women and men about breast cancer risk, the need for prevention and mandatory screening programs, to advocate for reproductive rights of women, in particular, to ensure quality early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as to raise funds to purchase modern mammography equipment for oncological centers and to train radiologists.
Within BC awareness campaign, WHFP experts implemented numerous educational programs and media projects, produced information materials for wide public re BC and CC issues, initiated and supported work of free "hot" telephone line 0-800-50-50-90, conducted a large-scale national conference on prevention and modern early BC diagnosis instruments, "Health School" meetings are held on a monthly basis. Due to WHFP efforts breast and cervical cancer awareness has significantly increased among the population, motivating women to turn to professionals for early diagnosis.
Since October 2013, WHFP has been actively cooperating with Inter-Fractional Deputy Association "Equal Opportunity" to draw attention of MPs and members of the Ukrainian government to a very pressing issue of breast cancer as well as to appeal to them on the need of state support to comprehensive solution of the problem related to BC prevention and early diagnosis. As a result of this effective cooperation, VR deputies announced October 9 – the Day of the Breast Cancer Campaign Support in Ukrainian Parliament and approved the awareness raising campaign "Pink October as an International Breast Cancer Awareness Month" to be held in Verkhovna Rada every year, performed in topical banners display and distribution among the MPs of BC information materials and pink ribbons - the symbol of the breast cancer campaign.
Besides, WHFP developed and support an BC-related web-site
Breast Cancer Is Treated! What you should know about breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Rehabilitation Programs for Breast Cancer Survivors

WHFP Foundation under «MARY KAY Ukraine» Company support initiated and launched Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program for women - BC survivors. Rehabilitation Program is implemented based on the following medical institutions:
1. "Medical Tradition" Kyiv Medical Center;
2. "Truskavets" Health Resort in Lviv region.
Rehabilitation program includes a number of medical procedures designed to help in coping with complications, restoring the body's defenses and overcoming psychological problems after complex BC treatment.

Health Resort Program phase is aimed at rehabilitation of women who suffered from breast cancer in order to prevent its recurrence, secure stable remission, improve adaptation reserves of the organism. More than 650 women have already undergone full rehabilitation process free of charge.
Besides, "Health School” educational program, initiated and supported by WHFP, is being provided in the format of monthly meetings of women – BC survivors with leading oncosurgeons, nutritionists, immunologists, psychologists, chemotherapists, gynecologists, rehabilitation and other experts. More than 4,000 women has already attended "Health School".

Organizing of Information and Fund Raising Campaigns Aimed at Purchasing of Modern Diagnostic Equipment for Cancer Early Screening

For 15 years, WHFP in partnership with "Avon Cosmetics Ukraine" Company consistently and effectively has been implementing "Together Against Breast Cancer" Charity Program aimed to promote awareness among women about the importance of regular breast examinations and to support the development of the quality medical examination system. Charity funds raising is conducted during the year through the sale of "Pink Ribbon" products in Avon catalogues and during charity events.

As part of "Together Against Breast Cancer" Charity Program, Regional Oncology Centers in Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Mykolayiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Uzhhorod, Kyiv and Crimea were provided with modern diagnostic equipment (9 stationary mammography units, 2 mobile mammography complexes, ultrasound machine of expert class, 4 digitizers converting X-ray mammography images into digital ones).

Information & Consulting Services and Support of:

All-Ukrainian information telephone line on reproductive health and family planning 0-800-50-27-57

Provide prompt telephone consulting on reproductive health, family planning and contraception.

Information Line "Together Against Breast Cancer" 0 800 50 50 90

Provide the population of Ukraine with free qualified consulting on the following issues:
• Prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.
• Rehabilitation after the breast cancer treatment.

Promotion of Public Discussion on the Protection of Reproductive Health & Reproductive Rights Through Organizing Conferences, Round Tables, Forums, Expert Meetings, etc.

WHFP initiates RH/FP issue-related conferences, round tables and other public events at the national and local levels in order to support the ongoing public forum in the community and to promote discussion of reproductive health, family planning and reproductive rights issues by leading national and international experts in the field of RH / FP, civil society organisations and media.

Public Awareness & Information Campaigns on the Prevention of Reproductive Health & Rights of Patients and People With Disabilities

WHFP actively cooperates and supports NGOs working in the field of human rights protection of patients and disabled people (physical disabilities and mental disorders).
Within RH/FP-related information campaign and in partnership with Ukrainian NGO "Coalition protecting the rights of people with disabilities as a result of mental disorders," WHFP experts have developed "The Right to Love" methodical education kit for young people (18 and older) with intellectual disabilities. "The Right to Love" is the course on sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people with mental disorders developed within "Learning basic social skills" rehabilitation service. Kit contains teacher’s guide and participant’s workbook designed and based on the simplified language.
To ensure further promotion of the "The Right to Love" training course, WHFP in 2015-2016 initiated and implemented number of activities aimed to improve the quality of RH services to disabled people, i.p.:
• workshop with presentation and testing of "The Right to Love" education kit;
• advocacy roundtable "Right to Love" to attract attention and promote discussion on the problems of disabled people with mental disorders related to their access to medical, social and education services in RH and reproductive rights (access to RH education, taking into account the need for individual approach, protection from sexual harassment, physical and psychological violence, as well as forced sterilization);
• round table on "Reproductive health and rights of disabled people with mental disorders."

Support of NGO & Volunteers Networks in Ukraine


On September 23, 2014 at the initiative of the WHFP the All-Ukrainian Coalition on Reproductive Health and Family Planning was established and united 38 NGOs from 19 regions of Ukraine. The Coalition is an initiative, uniting NGOs and individual experts who share a common desire to promote reproductive health, protect reproductive rights and ensure high-quality family planning services for each person in Ukraine. WHFP provides organizational, methodological and information support to the Coalition in the form of seminars, workshops, consultation meetings, etc.


Thanks to the teen programs volunteers training on a "peer to peer" principle and in collaboration with partners, Youth Volunteer Network was established in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights. WHFP provides the following support to young volunteers:
- ongoing supervision to volunteers, information and practical support, including through social networks;
- regular group meetings with additional training;
- contests of ideas among regional volunteer teams re events/activities organizing;
- volunteer schools and camps.
Besides, to assist volunteers the “Advisor for Volunteers” publication was developed in close cooperation with WHFP Youth Group representatives

Breast Cancer

Over the years, WHFP actively works with patient organizations in different regions of Ukraine. Starting 2000 under WHFP initiative and support, several volunteers, representing woman - breast cancer survivors, started working in the Kyiv City Oncology Hospital. They provide support and give hope for recovery to those women who suffered from breast cancer as well as help them to prepare for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or in post-operation period. Volunteers give their free time and energy, sharing their experiences with women who have been admitted or recently discharged from the hospital, and this has a great effect.
In order to support volunteers, WHFP holds annual conferences and educational seminars, raising the issue of breast cancer, medical and social rehabilitation and employment of women – BC survivors and distributing related information materials.

Small Grant Programs

The Foundation has experience of organization and successful implementation of Small Grants Program for NGOs - members of the All-Ukrainian Coalition on Reproductive Health and Family Planning under the "Reproductive Health in Ukraine" Project, implemented by the Foundation with the support of the US Agency for International Development / USAID.