Reducing risk factors for NCDs project in Ukraine Terms of Reference for the Emergency Project Manager

1          Introduction

Emergency  Project Manager (EPM) will work as a part of the Act for Health Project under the supervision of the Project manager, in collaboration with the Regional and Outcome coordinators and  OneHealth. The main responsibility is to provide overall leadership, management, and coordination of Humanitarian component to ensure the achievement of project objectives, delivery of project outputs in close collaboration with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), One Health, key stakeholders and potential partners.

The job description will be reviewed periodically to take into account changes and developments in in-service requirements.

2    Location

Ukraine – Kyiv, Full-time position, with the periodical visits to the following regions Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Rivne, and Kherson (when it will be possible and safe to travel)

3. Scope of work

EPM will provide coordination between all activities of the Humanitarian component, organize, manage and support outreach mobile teams (OMT)  and  Social Medical Mobile Teams who are providing  home based care in project regions.

The EPM will work predominately with the regional coordinator for selecting target service providers, identifying the capacity building needs, organizing the OMT, for procurement medicines and equipment, develop and build capacity of OMT, including trainings. He/she will liaise closely with health, social care governmental and non-governmental organisations to ensure cohesive and purposeful pathways for vulnerable people with NCDs in place.

The primary duties of the EPM will be conducted under the supervision of the Project Manager and  close cooperation with  OneHealth teams:

3    Essential Duties and Tasks

  • To ensure that both MMTs and MSMTs are  working  in close collaboration and  both teams are working an Integrated Medical and Social Mobile Teams
  • Monitor key performance indicators  according to the agreed plan and log frame
  • Hiring/Selecting NCDs OMT subcontractors.
  • Update the list of necessary medicines and equipment for OMT`s.
  • Organize the trainings for OMT`s and other staff to build capacity and increase their skills and knowledge.
  • Organize the periodical meetings with PIU, OneHealth, regional coordinators, subcontractors, and stakeholders.
  • Participate in all aspects of healthcare where needed, including, but not limited to OMT work.
  • Work with the OneHealth and regional representatives to coordinate humanitarian activities in each region.
  • Work with the MOH and regional departments to plan and report the humanitarian activities’ progress.
  • Timely provide a narrative report based on the received results.
  • In cooperation with PIU and OneHealth  team, evaluate humanitarian activities through Monitoring and Evaluation

Skills required  

  • Understand the Humanitarian Principles
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize assigned tasks.
  • Personal commitment to the mission and vision of the Project and a desire to help the most vulnerable population
  • Maintains the highest level of confidentiality with sensitive information
  • Respect code of conduct (SDC, PIU and GFA)
  • Ability to effectively work with a team
  • Ability to resolve interpersonal conflict
  • A shared belief that there is always a pathway to improvement despite the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Positive outlook and ability to work through difficult situations knowing that it’s possible to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Proven written, presentation and reporting skills and demonstrated computer skills
  • Field experience with international organizations and NGOs in the educational sector will be an asset
  • Excellent leadership, coordination and management experience

Coordination of program implementation

  • To ensure MMTs and MSTs are   well connected to the regional health system 
  • Close  work and collaboration with NCD Knowledge HUBs in each region
  • To ensure the establishment/maintenance of appropriate coordination mechanisms, including the regional inter-sectoral multidisciplinary team at the local level;
  • To promote the inclusion of stakeholders, working in NCD prevention in the project activities by creating an enabling environment for their participation
  • To ensure proper coordination and joint work with Focal points from health, education, and other relevant sectors
  • To ensure timely, effective, and coordinated activities based on participatory and community-based approaches
  • To provide support in organizing appropriate technical guidance to the Regional technical partners and stakeholders, identifying and addressing key issues, harmonizing technical objectives and approaches for a vulnerable group.
  • To provide support to stakeholders and technical experts in the realization of their activities in line with the NCD project work plan
  • To arrange program, agenda, logistics, and activities for visits of missions and NCD project team and technical experts.


  • To maintain records on technical aspects of project operations including monitoring of project activities and their outcomes; as well as minutes, decisions, and recommendations of meetings and workshops.
  • To prepare timely and quality monthly project progress and implementation reports for submission to the PIU project team.
  • Ensure monthly digital reports submitted to Act4Health project

Staff Safety and Security

  • Ensure that staff is aware of security and safety measures
  • Ensure personal understanding of PIU Standard Operating Procedures related to security
  • Comply with PIU and OneHealth security procedures at all times, remaining aware of the security situation in office and clinic locations at all times.
  • Report any security incidents or concerns to the PM or Deputy PIU immediately.
  • Report any issues regarding workplace practices to appropriate Manager

8. Qualification

  • Higher education in public health/health care, etc.
  • At least 3 years of working experience in public health/health care sector and management of regional activities with recognised technical expertise
  • Experience of working with vulnerable people  would be a strong asset
  • Strong management skills including ability to provide strategic guidance and build strong teams
  • Good multi-cultural and interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners at national and local levels (local government and institutions, NGOs and local community-based organizations)
  • experience
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking Ukrainian/Russian, knowledge of English will be an asset

9. Starting date

February 2023

Duration  11 months

Terms of reference

Application including CV can be sent to the following address:

Maznova, Anzhelika